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Afton Cyrus jam sessions Arlington Massachusetts MA

     Afton grew up in Maine, where she first learned to can and preserve food from her family's garden as a teenager. After moving to the Boston area for college, she pursued a career in music and education. Throughout this time, she continued to can her own jams, pickles, and fruit preserves every summer, and her love of food and cooking continued to grow. Afton got to know local farms in the area, and became passionate about local, seasonal eating and sustainable agriculture.


     In 2014, Afton decided to bring her love of cooking with local food to the forefront, and channeled her creative energy into a new pursuit, launching Jam Sessions as a new company. Through this venture, she aims to delight her customers with creative products, highlight wonderful local New England farms, and inspire others to can and preserve at home. Her work with Jam Sessions led her to a new career as a Test Cook at America's Test Kitchen,  where she develops recipes for cookbooks by day, including the great canning resource, Foolproof Preserving. Afton also continues to sing with her band Walter & the Night Owls, and is excited keep the jam sessions going now both in the studio and in the kitchen.

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