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FAQ:About Our Products


Our products are made at home in small batches using only local, in-season fruit. This allows us to ensure that each and every jar is of the highest quality and freshest taste. We believe in supporting small local farms, which makes agriculture more sustainable, and keeps money in the local economy. Our products also feature creative flavor combinations that we believe are unique and delicious!

​What makes your

products different?

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What ingredients go into your jams and jellies?

We believe that you should taste the fruit in our products first and foremost, so we keep our additional ingredients low in number and high in quality. We use only cane sugar, brown sugar, or maple syrup as sweeteners, and generally use less than half the amount called for in traditional recipes. For some products, we use Pomona's Universal Pectin as a thickener, which is all natural and derived from citrus peels. Whenever possible, we use fruit from farms using organic and/or Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices. To learn more about where our fruit is sourced, click here.


I love marmalade. When will you start making it?

Marmalade is delicious, but is made of citrus. Until oranges (or other tropical fruits like pineapples or mangoes) are grown locally in New England, we won't be using them. We believe in supporting local agriculture and highlighting the wonderful things that grow right here. To learn more about our philosophy, click here.


Are you the Pigeon Hill Preserves lady?

Yes! Our company started out in 2010 as Pigeon Hill Preserves, based in Weston, MA. After a bit of a hiatus, we relaunched as Jam Sessions in Arlington in 2014. Afton still makes all of the same great products (plus some new ones!) herself, and is glad to welcome back her loyal customers.

FAQ:Ordering & Shipping

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​How do I

place an order?


Orders can be placed online through our website at Select the items you'd like and place them in your cart (you can adjust quantities as desired when you view your cart). Please note that at this time, we can only ship orders within the state of Massachusetts; we apologize for any inconvenience.

What are my shipping or pickup options?


Orders placed online are shipped to MA addresses via Priority Mail at a flat rate of $13.60 per box. Up to six 8 oz jars or twelve 4 oz jars (or combination thereof), two jam totes, or one gift basket can fit per box. If you live in the Greater Boston area and wish to avoid shipping charges, you may select free local pickup as an option when checking out.

What are my

payment options?


Online orders are processed by Square, where you can pay via any credit or debit card.

An item I ordered was damaged, what do I do now?


In the unlikely event that your order was damaged during shipping, or if you are unhappy with any of our products, please e-mail to arrange a return or refund.

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