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supporting small
New England farms

We believe in local, seasonal eating as a way to live more sustainably (and deliciously!), while also supporting neighboring growers. That's why Jam Sessions sources all of its produce from small New England farms. Turning those native berries and fruit into jams, jellies, and fruit butters makes the short New England growing season last longer, and we think those June strawberries taste all the sweeter when you open a jar of jam on a cold midwinter morning.

handmade at home

Our recipes are slow cooked in small batches right in Afton's home kitchen. We believe that by keeping things small, each jar of jam tastes that much better. We give each batch lots of love and attention to make sure it's of the highest quality, and that our flavors shine through every time. We use time-honored traditional canning methods to make our jams and jellies, and believe this artisanal process results in the best product possible.

delectable combinations

As a musician and arts educator, Afton has spent her career cultivating creativity. Now, she's pouring that creativity into new compositions in the kitchen! Jam Sessions jams, jellies, and fruit butters focus on unique flavor combinations to delight the palate. Infusions of herbs, spices, and spirits highlight the natural characteristics of the fruits and berries we use, bringing new dimensions of flavor to enjoy over your morning toast or evening cheese plate.

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